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Welcome to my Gallery  where I can share with you some of my creations. 

I have always enjoyed handcrafts, I was taught to sew, knit and crochet by my mother. I would follow instructions and patterns to produce items. It was only when I went to University did I discover a freedom of expression. There were techniques to learn and instructions to follow but once the loom was dressed it was time to explore. 

This remains my passion. 

My creations may begin following a tried and tested structure but through experimenting with fibres and exploring the structure I am able to create.

Woollen scarf, handwoven

Woollen Scarf. Crammed and spaced technique - the weave structure is tightly packed at the outer edges and gradually becomes more loosely sett towards the centre.

Price £60. 29cm x 244cm. Sold at Framtpon Country Fair


Two more examples of the Crammed and Spaced technique.

This time in cotton.

Price £40.  20cm x 118cm.

Green & Yellow sold at Frampton Country Fair


A variation of the Crammed and Spaced technique.

A woollen scarf with a rust coloured warp and navy blue weft. Price £60. 37cm x 226cm

Crammed and Spaced technique on the loom
100% Cotton scarf using crammed and spaced technique; this means that the warp is packed more closely at the outer edges of the design and graduates towards the centre spaced out, thus creating movement in the scarf.

These two scarves are woven from tencel, a fibre created from woodpulp. The technique is Echo and Iris, which creates an iridescence to the fabric. Soft and silky.

Price £60. 38cm x 182cm. Blue scarf sold at Frampton country Fair

Lambswool Scarf
Inspired by Autumn, this woollen scarf is approx 38cm wide.

These images show a scarf on the loom and variations of the design. All 3 scarves are woven in wool on an 8 shaft handloom. 

1) 32 cm x 205 cm

2) 27cm x 180 cm

Lambswool scarf. The structure began as a pinwheel design but by playing with the pattern on the loom I have created this variation.(sold at Rural Living Show)

A variation of a 'pinwheel' structure.
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